Wednesday 15 february 2023

Berlin | Premium Germany & Poland tour ‘Amazone of the North’

Expect the unexpected. Our tour guides consider this as the most interesting & varied tour that Merlijn offers. Bike, Barge and Cruise the Amazon of the North, Germany and Poland.

Explore the cradle of the Prussians during this tour of former Prussia and learn more about the former divided nation of Germany. Command your bike through a variety of surfaces, from tarmac to cobblestones and ride across the sunny isle of Usedom.

Cruise through stunning natural areas of the Havel, Oder & Peene rivers and the Szczecin lagoon. Take a ride in the oldest ship lift in Germany, Niederfinow, and sample the Polish cuisine in Poland’s lively city of Szczecin.

Berlin | Premium Germany & Poland tour ‘Amazone of the North’

Wednesday 15 february 2023

Merlijn - 2024 tours are live!

Dear Friends,

We are happy to launch all our trips for 2024!! 

For our new friends: We are Coen & Cristina, Captains, managers, chef and proud owners of the cruise ship 'Merlijn'. With Merlijn you can Bike, Barge, and Cruise your way across Europe.

There is a lot of great things planned for the 2024 season. We have a varied program that spans the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, Luxembourg and Poland! 

We will traditionally start the season in April in Amsterdam with the successful Holland Tulip tour, due to its popularity we have scheduled more sailings than ever before. After this, we will stay a little longer in the Holland with a few trips to Bruges in Belgium, and then cross the border to Germany via the North of the Netherlands. There we sail through all the nooks and crannies of the country and all possible rivers and canals! Bike & barge cruises on the Rhine, Moselle and Saar are of course not missing!

You will notice that in 2024 we will take more time for our homeland, this is because of the many requests from guests for other routes in the Netherlands. You can now book the Texel-island and Hanseatic route in addition to the Tulip tour.

Last but not least; all routes along the Moselle have also become 9 days instead of 8, more variety and more time to enjoy! We look forward to welcome you aboard!

The tours for 2024 are live now and you can discover more about them on our website. You will see that several trips have already been booked by a group or travel agency, if you would like to charter the entire ship yourself we can look at options for 2025. If your desired trip is already booked by a travel agency, please send us an email so we can see who it is with and if they still have rooms available.

Please feel free to share this newsletter with your friends and family, it will help us a lot. 

Kinds regards, greetings, Coen & Cristina

P.S. Our popular Danube trip will be bookable again in 2025. Enjoy other special routes in2024, such as the routes along Berlin.

Merlijn - 2024 tours are live!

Thursday 18 november 2021

We proudly present our 2023 cruise program

Merlijn's 2023 Cruise program is online. Check it out online with up-to-date availability.

Or download an overview of all tours here.

Book your spot now!!

We proudly present our 2023 cruise program

Saturday 29 may 2021

The Merlijn has spread her magic for 20 years.

This year, though a year of uncertitude for many of us, is as well a year that must be celebrated, because Merlijn is celebrating its 20th anniversary!! The history of the Merlijn starts way back in 1930, when it was build as a cargo ship with the name "Adelaar" (Eagle). After more then 70 years and several owners along the way, in 2001 the ship began her new career as a cruise ship with the name everyone knows: "Merlijn".

The Merlijn has spread her magic for 20 years.

Friday 28 may 2021

Bike, Barge & Cruise. There is a reason why it starts with "Bike"

Our bikes are a big part of your Bike & Barge Cruise, that's why we want to provide you with the best quality bike possible. The brand is Sensa from the Netherlands. With a super light frame and 27 gears you can easily climb any mountain in Europe, even the Dutch mountains. (this is what we call the wind that can blow in the Netherlands)

Cycling is the best way to experience local life.

Bike, Barge & Cruise. There is a reason why it starts with

Wednesday 26 may 2021

Merlijn has the most comprehensive sailing schedule and is also heading to the Blue Danube from 2022 on!

We already have so many routes that the season has become too short to sail them all and now, for the first time in her life, Merlijn is going to sail the Danube. That beautiful blue Danube, as it was described by Johann Strauss Jr. in the year 1867 in the Viennese Waltz he composed. 

You can be one of the first guests of Merlijn, cycling along the Danube. We have designed 2 different Danube routes which we sail in both directions, meaning you can choose from 4 tours and even more departures! Have a look at the itinerary by clicking the destinations you like:

Nürnberg-Passau or Vienna-Passau  (Routes also available in 2023)


Merlijn has the most comprehensive sailing schedule and is also heading to the Blue Danube from 2022 on!

Tuesday 25 may 2021

Our 2023 sailing schedule will be online soon.

It's a wrap, our 2023 sailing schedule will be online soon. Is your favorite trip sold out in 2022, don't worry, there will be new opportunities in the near future to book your dream cruise.

Sometimes we are asked what is your favorite tour is? Well that's hard to say, because every single trip we offer has a unique character. We have a journey for everyone, from big crowded cities, to very quiet cycle paths in nature, from historical castles to new modern cities. 

Our 2023 sailing schedule will be online soon.

Friday 06 december 2019

Renovation upper-deck finished

After a long time thinking, planning and designing we proudly present our new upper-deck interior!

See all pictures in our photo album

Renovation upper-deck finished

Monday 15 april 2019

Merlijn goes to the Blue Danube!

We are planning to sail the Blue Danube in 2022!

More news coming soon

Merlijn goes to the Blue Danube!

Friday 22 february 2019

Merlijn has new owners

We are Coen & Cristina, here is a short introduction about us, the proud new owners of Merlijn.

A dream coming true, that is.......

Merlijn has new owners

17 september 2018

Amsterdam to Koblenz, August 11th - 18th 2018

Dear friends,

Nancy and I truly enjoyed our time with you and your crew on the Merlijn!!  Everything exceeded our expectations. We are constantly recommending your cruises to our friends and neighbors. The Merlijn turned out to be our favorite home away from home. We hope that are paths may cross again.


Mark Keegan, USA