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Our sailing routes are in: The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg, France and Germany

Bike and Barge tours, conferences, family reunions and more
Travel with us on our  Merlijn  
and experience the magic of water

Merlijn and the magical Christmas cruise

Merlijn and the magical Christmas cruise

We proudly present Merlijn newest cruise: click on the tourdescription fast!

Merlijn and nature

Merlijn allows her guests maximum enjoyment by consciously letting you experience the natural surroundings we pass through.
If trees are nature’s lungs – then water is the source of life!
Merlijn wants her guests to actively appreciate the priceless quality of water and the magic it creates.
Merlijn’s construction is as environmentally friendly as possible, and the same applies to its use.
In as far as possible, we have avoided using synthetic materials.
We have also taken full account of government regulations on the environment and energy consumption.

The toilets are flushed with river water instead of drinking water and the waste is stored in a separate waste-water tank.

Experience Merlijn!

Curious about how the Netherlands looks like from the water?
On board the Merlijn you can arrange your own inland waters cruise.
Anything’s possible on board the Merlijn!

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