Terms & Conditions

Our terms & conditions apply to all our tours

  • We reserve to ourselves the right of changing schedule and/or program. If -part of- the route is not navigable the captain is entitled to change the schedule for safety reasons. Changes in schedule and program do not give you the right on free cancellation.
  • It is mandatory, for at least 1 person per room, to be present at the welcome/safety speech. The speech will be on embarkation day and will be announced via the P.A. system and/or daily program.
  • It is mandatory to participate in any organized safety drill. The safety drill will be announced at least 1 hour before the drill starts and can take place on any moment during your cruise.
  • We charge a corkage fee, for self brought beverages cunsumed in public spaces. The current corkage fee can be found in our guest information folder onboard. We will place your self brought beverage in the fridge and serve it when requested.

28 july 2018

Berlin/Spandau to Magdeburg, July 14th 2018

Dear friends,

Patti and I had a wonderful time on our trip.   You were all so focused on ensuring everything was perfect for our group. 

I came with very high expectations and they were greatly exceeded!  As an engineer I was so impressed with the barge.

Thank you once again for treating us to such a fine adventure! 

Regards, Ed Buehler