Terms & Conditions

Terms of Payment

When you book a Bike & Barge Cruise or Cruise-only tour with us, we ask you for a deposit. 

  • 20% of the total price, at reservation.
  • 80% of the total price, 2 months before your cruise starts.

Cancellation fee

When you cancel your Bike & Barge Cruise or Cruise-only tour, we ask you for a cancellation payment.

The fee might be more then your deposit.

Fee / when you cancel your cruise:

  • 20 % untill 12 months before your cruise starts
  • 50 % between 12 & 6 months before your cruise starts
  • 80% between 6 & 1 month before your cruise starts
  • 90% between 1 month & 1 day before your cruise starts
  • 100% at the embarkation day, or later

(Percentages calculated on total cruise price)

You never know what the future holds, we advise a travel & cancellation insurance.

General Terms and Conditions

  • the general terms and conditions of Merlijn de magie van water B.V. apply to all bookings, offers and agreements. Download the full terms below. (
  • the general terms and conditions of Merlijn de magie van water B.V. are based on the 'General Terms and Conditions for package Trips' established by the BBZ association version June 1st 2018, Which have been compiled on the basis of the EU Package Travel Regulation, 2015/2302/EU.
  • the payment and cancellation conditions, mentioned above, are part of Merlijn de magie van water B.V.'s general terms and conditions.
  • all bookings, offers and agreements are governed by Dutch law.
  • Merlijn complies the General Data Protection Regulation to protect your privacy. Read our full privacy policy here.


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05 may 2017

Belgium and Netherlands, from Bruges to Amsterdam, April 22nd 2017

Hi friends of Merlijn, We had a wonderful first bike/barge trip with all of you! The food was delicious, and the accommodations were great. I loved all the colorful table settings, and how friendly everyone was. Sorry the electric bike did not work out for me. I was able to handle the mileage well without it, and was more comfortable on a "regular" bike. We had nice visiting in Amsterdam (though very crowded for the holiday) and also in Haarlem. Again, thank you for a memorable trip!
Fran and John Betz