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Cancellation policy

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Bremen to Magdeburg, June 6th - 13th

Tour decsription

This tour leads you along the beautiful river Weser in the northern part of Germany. A visit to the national park Steinhuder Lake, cities such as Minden (with the watercrossing Weser/Midland Canal), Hannover, Braunschweig and Wolfsburg (a visit to the VW Autostadt is included) as is the capital of Sachsen-Anhalt. Docking spot close to the watercrossing Elbe/Midland Canal. This tour offers you nature and a lack of tourists.

Wolfsburg to Cologne, July 11th - 18th

Tour description

Love sailing  and cycling?  This tour offers you cycling tours with distances between 35 and 55 kilometers, and  a lot of sailing.

We will take your from Wolfsburg, situated in the northern part of Germany a little more northwest and then south to Cologne. Visiting cities such as Braunschweig, Hannover, Minden, Münster and Düsseldorf. Visits to the Herrenhaüser Gardens in Hannover and the Varius Schlucht are included.

Merzig to Cochem, July 25th - 31th

Bike and barge with us along the Saar and Moselle river in 7 days

Cochem to Merzig, August 1st - 7th

Bike and Barge in 7 days with us along the beautiful and charming rivers Moselle and Saar.


Merzig to Mainz August 8th - 15th

8 days Bike and Barge along 3 rivers; Saar, Moselle & Rhine

Koblenz to Merzig, October 17th - 23th

Tour description

One of our most favorite tours! Most probably the grape harvest ist still going on. The Moselle and Saar rivers are very popular and you will know why once you have joined us! Countless vineyards and wine villages.......

Merzig to Koblenz October 24th - 30th

7 days bike and barge along the Saar and Moselle rivers.