Wednesday 29 november 2023

Looking back on Merlijn’s Bike, Barge and Cruise Season 2023

As the sun sets on the unforgettable 2023 Bike, Barge, and Cruise season on the Merlijn, we look back on the adventurous bike rides, picturesque towns, and delicious meals that made this trip so special.

We sincerely thank all our guests for joining us and for their pleasure. We love it so much to see how enthusiastically everyone comes on board, only to leave the ship full of memories at the end of the trip, sometimes with a tear! Let's not forget that without you we are nowhere, only through your enthusiasm can we run the Merlijn.Thank you!

Cycling enthusiasts and travelers enjoyed a season full of exploration and fun. Merlijn, our floating home, provided a unique perspective as we paddled through beautiful landscapes and discovered Europe.

From the charming streets of Bruges via former east and west Germany to Vienna in Austria, Merlijn took us on a journey through rich history and culture. Daily excursions brought us in the heart of cities, with Merlijn always on the horizon.

Whether we dined in Merlijn’s cozy restaurant or enjoyed a picnic in a village square, each meal celebrated Europe's diverse culinary treasures.

As we say goodbye to the season 2023 on board Merlijn, we cherish memories of cycling adventures, breathtaking landscapes and new friendships. Until next season 2024, when we set sail again on the Merlijn. We look forward to next season and hope to see you on board!

14 july 2019

Malchin - Berlin 'Premium Amazone of the north"

Dear Coen & Christina, Thanks for making our second tour even better than our first, an amazing accomplishment! Greatly appreciated your sharing of your home, and you certainly made our entire group feel like members of your extended family; you truly love what you do and it shows. Your crew and our guide was prepared for every contingency and assured that we had "smooth sailing" through out our visit and journey. The meals and sack lunches prepared were absolutely fantastic! We are looking forward to booking our third tour in the very near future, keep up the good work you two, and we'll visit with you again soon. Kind Regards, Brad and Gwen Hontz