Garantie geregeld / VZR Garant

Om te voldoen aan de wettelijk verplichte garantiestelling maakt Merlijn de magie van water B.V. gebruik van de garantieregeling VZR Garant ( U kunt dit controleren via de deelnemerspagina van de website van VZR Garant. Binnen de grenzen van de Garantieregeling (te vinden op de website van VZR Garant) is de garantie van VZR Garant van toepassing. In de Garantieregeling leest u op welk (reis)aanbod de garantie van VZR Garant exact van toepassing is en wat deze garantie inhoudt. Wanneer diensten door financieel onvermogen van Merlijn de magie van water B.V. niet worden verleend, kunt u contact opnemen met VZR Garant, gevestigd aan de Torenallee 20, 5617 BC te Eindhoven, Nederland, via of +31 (0)85 13 07 630.

14 juli 2019

Malchin - Berlin 'Premium Amazone of the north"

Dear Coen & Christina, Thanks for making our second tour even better than our first, an amazing accomplishment! Greatly appreciated your sharing of your home, and you certainly made our entire group feel like members of your extended family; you truly love what you do and it shows. Your crew and our guide was prepared for every contingency and assured that we had "smooth sailing" through out our visit and journey. The meals and sack lunches prepared were absolutely fantastic! We are looking forward to booking our third tour in the very near future, keep up the good work you two, and we'll visit with you again soon. Kind Regards, Brad and Gwen Hontz