woensdag 29 november 2023

Currently we are docked in our home base Dordrecht

We use this time to prepare for the upcoming 2024 season. We carefully inspect the ship and have specialized companies coming by to maintain or repair machinery. Cristina is working on new menu’s and updating tour descriptions for future trips, while Coen is catching up on the administration, bookings and emails. Later on we will also prepare the website for 2025 and design the sailing schedule for 2026!

Our bike Specialist will ensure that the bikes are ready for the new season so that you can explore new environments during your trip.

This period also gives us the opportunity to spend time with family and friends, something that is impossible during the busy (7+ months) sailing season. Docked in our home town Dordrecht (where Coen grew up and we bought our first house back in the days) we love to visit our favorite places, walk through historic streets and relaxe in local cafes - these are the small pleasures of Dordrecht that we can now experience in peace. As we prepare the ship for the adventures to come, we cherish these calm moments aboard our home Merlijn.

12 juni 2023

We had such a great time biking then eating, then biking again! Love the Merljin, everything is up to date and well taken care of. Caen and Christina take very good care of their passengers! Our guide, Lia, was exceptional! We weren\'t able to finish the trip, but hope to schedule another trip soon!