Donnerstag 18 november 2021

Wir präsentieren stolz unser Kreuzfahrtprogramm 2023

Das Merlijn-Kreuzfahrtprogramm 2023 ist online. Informieren Sie sich online über die aktuelle Verfügbarkeit.

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16 juli 2019

Berlin - Malchin 'Premium Amazone of the north"

Just wanted to thank you very much for organising such a splendid holiday for me.  The entire tour was a great success with no hiccups or hitches whatsoever, thanks to your efficiency.  The barge Merlijn exceeded my expectations in every way.  The Captain, crew and guides were very professional and at the same time ensured we all had a fun trip. My trip home to Wales to see my family was also a very happy event All in all it was a holiday to remember. Thank you again, Dai.